Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Thoughts Compiled During Fire Season

Winter is sweeping across the country and with it a bevy of fires, ice storms and accidents are following. Sadly, for the fire service, line of duty deaths are happening.

Michelle Smith in Delaware City, a mother of a 12 year old, was struck and killed by an automobile as she worked to help a motorcyclist involved in an accident. As a firefighter she sought to help and now we have lost another sister.

Just East of where this author resides word came that Lieutenant Steve Hagan of the Blenheim, SC Fire Department died today after returning from a call. Like Michelle, Steve set out to perform his duty. Seems a small word, duty, but the price is high.

Examples of courage are on display every day across North America. Men and women going to work, helping put out a fire, stop a spill, or perform a medical assist, all without so much as a thought to glory. Their payment is in a job well done yet even so, among us, people are ignorant of their presence.

This holiday season as we think of family let's all pause to think of Steve and Michelle, and others like them, on duty, ready to respond, paying the price.

(Note - This author has not posted lately. A serious medical issue needs my attention and then I will return. Thanks.)
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