Friday, December 26, 2008

EveryoneGoesHome Firefighter Life Safety initiatives

Have a look at the December E Newsletter located at . You will find new information on a conference held by key fire service leaders as well as the American military regarding section 13 (Mental Health and Wellness) of the Everyone Goes Home Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.

In the newsletter is the more focused discussion on the need to define the "best practises" for the fire service regarding the delivery of Psychological support for firefighterveterans and their families.

As we look into 2009 and also look back on 2008 there remain many challenges that have been overcome and many more that face us.

Our resolve to take better care of ourselves must remain a goal which each and everyone in the fireservice is 100 percent committed to. The results of taking ourselves out of the front lines from stress or "Operational Occupational Stress Injury" is real and demands a better approach.

The United States Fallen Firefighters Foundation under executive direction of Chief Ron Siaranicki is taking the gloves off and stepping into the ring to do battle. Round 1 has come and gone...14 to go. This is a full on "title fight". Lets make sure we take care of eachother with tools that work for the front lines. No Blank Cheques will be written on this one. Each component of section 13 as it becomes more defined must have as it's goal, the reduction of negative stress outcomes.

Get Connected and stay connected to the Life Safety Initiatives.

In the meantime.................

Be Safe over the remainder of the year...
the very best to all in 2009
Shannon H. Pennington
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