Friday, December 5, 2008

Energy Star Homes - Tighter, Hotter and...Deadlier?

Our town just recently took the plunge into requiring an energy star rating for all homes based on different levels according to square footage's. In reviewing some of the detailing it appears as our jobs as firefighters are only going to get tougher. The ramifications of the detailing would also lead me to believe fires will only be hotter and more dangerous. I also think access into these tighter structures will be hampered by new layers of thermal breaks, insulation, vapor barriers, and rigid insulation. This all complicates your ventilation process. Before ventilation we must consider the ramifications of introducing air into a compartment that probably has almost burned out all of it source of oxygen (unless self vented). Ventilate and enter with caution. All new energy star homes will have a sticker on me it may be a warning sign.

Firefighters should look into the new energy star requirements and the required detailing.

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  1. Our community, being on the Atlantic coast, has implemented requirements for window protection. The result of this, especially since aesthetics are also important in a resort community, is that many homes (and mine is on that list) have opted to go with 3M's window laminate. If breaking a window is necessary, we have been telling personnel to think "saw" rather than "axe", or at least use the sharp side.


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