Friday, December 12, 2008

Dangerous Construction - What is Under That Roof?

Although my site gets many visitors a day, the forum has yet to have any participation. One thread I created is called "Complex Roof Framing - What is Under The Roof". It was inspired from a post on that featured one of there typical posts that shows and image of a particular building, then they show you what it is problematic about it.

I thought of all the poorly built roof structures around my area and started looking for images of poorly constructed roofs around the country. The intent is to give a sense to other firefighters potential problems in framing that could make venting even more dangerous. The thread is the most viewed on the site currently.

Here are a few examples
Big Spacing, Small Lumber, and the dreaded nail plates

That isn't a pile of wood, it is a roof.

Ok, we have a fire on the roof and we need to vent. How long is this roof lasting?

Check out pages of poor construction over at Firefighter Spot
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