Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Presence

A long long long time ago....twas the night before christmas.....true.....It was a restless shift with the busy two days we had already been up to 20 runs.....and we had begun our first of two night shifts on December the 24th.

Looking around the hall and wanting to dress up the heavy rescue unit as I was the operator assigned, I found a stuffed teddy bear and some christmas garland and put it on the dash inside of the rig. Taking a look further I borrowed some artificial branches and twisted them on the side of the west coast mirriors....all things considered it looked pretty good. If we had to make a run on christmas eve we were ready ......

The Lt. in charge of the rig had a surprise waiting when we dashed out into the night on a roll over m.v.a. but thought it looked o.k. enough to leave things in place. We had a very busy night starting with the first run out of chute at about 1830 and ended up missing out on a great hot supper. Around 12;30 am we were dispatched to a fully invloved structural fire/ residence. Not much left after it was all said and done. Christmas presents charred and smoking, minus 20 degrees. Single mom and her child crying as they were placed in the safety of one of the chiefs van awaitng the Salvation Army......we all felt the tug at our hearts....and the loss of this womans possessions and her presents....

I remebered the "teddy bear" in the rig and the Lt.'s eyes lit up brighter than a christmas bulb....he dashed over to the rig and hauled teddy out and delivered it to the little girl who was sobbing in her moms arms......she went quiet....and we all stopped for a minute to look at the scene......and then time took over and we finished the job.....we had work to do, hose to pick up, air packs to check,.....back home to the hall...clean up....get ready for the next run.....

Having a Christmas Presence is nothing new to the fire service.

As we staff the food banks and charity drives this christmas and donate to charity our time and our paychecks, our tithes to the church, we think of those in need and we think of the presence of our service in our community......

Operational Pace and rehab means we too, take time out to be with our families and to enjoy the many pleasures we have earned this season.....and too we understand how we can, by the power of one, make a difference in others lives just as "The One" came to us and made a difference for all of us.

Be Safe in Service

I look forward to many more postings on the other side of the "silly season".
In the meantime.............."dashing through the snow" is quite a "challenge"....

....using the seat belt in the rig means you will get there to make a difference in someones life who depends on you.....A Message from EveryoneGoesHome Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives

The local fire siren just went off....the crews are running to their rigs....the work continues.....
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  1. Reminds me a lot of this news story from this week: Gift giving turns into rescue for Tenn. firefighters.

    It ends: "'We're obviously not going to waver in this time of need,' said Lt. Mark Eskew. 'We'll step up.'"


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