Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blogging on weather delay

I'm headed home to Oklahoma City this week, where the temperature is supposed to drop from 60 to 17 degrees in a couple of days. The weather looks beautiful here in San Diego, but my half-hour layover is now at almost two and counting...

The scuttlebutt among the delayed passengers seems to be that bad weather up north has trickled down and delayed almost all flights everywhere.

I, a nervous flier, am inclined to think, 'better safe than sorry.' By all means, please keep the plane in Portland to de-ice it. As I peruse the fire service news, I'm reminded even more of how dangerous thing this winter weather can be.

A run-down of a few articles and blog posts I've seen over the last couple of days:
FireGeezer: Fatal Ambulance Crash In Alabama Fog
FireHouse: Montana Firefighter Struck and Killed
FireRescue1: Wash. crash leaves bus, wheels dangling over I-5
and a nice winter photo at

Stay safe, everyone!
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