Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who and Why

Questions about why someone decides to write are usually met with a frown. Writing was onced described as staring at paper until blood drips on it. It can be difficult in the best of times.

What makes writing for The Kitchen Table an enjoyment is easily identifiable. is out to make a difference and it's an honor to be included among the "crew." New media, such as blogging, is the future and The Kitchen Table is ahead of the curve.

Christi posted saying she would let each of us give an introduction. Currently I edit Firefighter Hourly and Venting the Roof while serving as a columnist, and now blogger, for My work has appeared in Fire Engineering, American Fire Journal, Fire Chief magazine and assorted blogs, newspapers and publications around the world.

Some of my posts will be serious while others will be a bit humorous. It depends on the day and what's going on around the fire service world. You know what it's like-sitting around The Kitchen Table.
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  1. I love Firefighterhourly, and I look forward to reading your stuff here, Jay.


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