Monday, November 3, 2008

What needs to be done here?

Hi Folks, I am the new guy in the virtual kitchen here, and before I sit at the Kitchen table, does anything need to get done first? (Hey, I am the rookie here at least )

This is my attempt at a short intro while the folks at the table try to size me up!

I am fortunate to serve as Chief of department in a small suburban department in Massachusetts. My bio has all the gory details. I am now out back in the street responding and doing the job I love. I am not a big city guy but have been lucky enough to get a variety of experience under some different conditions, so I consider myself lucky.

I have been blessed and fortunate to have been selected to speak at some local and national venues, FDIC, Firehouse, FDSOA, and been published in Fire Engineering and Firehouse.

I write for my own blog as well

I love the training side of this business and get involved in leadership and people issues.

I will be posting whenever I can trying to take a look at some issues from my clearly warped point of view, that sometimes the fire service tries to out-think itself and we should try to simplify things more than we do.

I got some strong views on size up and risk assessment issues, love gadgets and video production as sidebars to the real job.

I look forward to chiming in and sharing some thoughts around the table with the rest of the members. I got a bit of a sense of humor so I can share some laughs as well as the serious side of the business.

I want to try to make it like a true fire house kitchen, but I will keep the language a little better, and the politics and religion out of it!

You see I also believe that what is said at the kitchen table is really important most of the time because it is the members talking about the stuff that is affecting them at the moment.

Any blog that is about the brothers and sisters in this business is good to be a part of.

Now, lets just be glad that the old saying is really not true......thank God that the walls in most fire house kitchens cannot repeat what they hear!!

Stay safe until the next shift in the kitchen. Where the heck is Firegeezer when you need him to put another pot of coffee on?
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  1. Welcome aboard, pete. Look forward to reading your stuff!

  2. Chief,
    I enjoyed a presentation you gave a few years back. just stumbled across this site, am looking forward to it

  3. Chief,
    I enjoyed a presentation you gave a few years back. just stumbled across this site, am looking forward to it


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