Sunday, November 9, 2008


I was just reading one of my favorite local bloggers, STATter911, and noticed an interesting article. It was about the Sacramento FD (CA) and the fact they have been dealing with rotating firehouse closures, or "brownouts", to close a budget gap.

What is cool about this is that the union has a better idea and is taking action! I applaud the Sacramento local and the fact they are seeking a creative way to overcome the problem instead of just complaining about it. This could be a shining example for all of us as many of our departments are in, or soon to be in, the same boat. Please take a moment to read the article: According to the Sacramento Bee

My Travel Update: I did have one minor issue that was probably inevitable after I wrote my last posting mentioning I had really had no misadventures. My luggage did not make it onto my flight when I changed planes in Chicago. Fortunately, they put it on the next flight which was an hour behind. While a bit inconvenient, I cannot complain as the alternative could have been worse!
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  1. Firefighter Hourly had the story up first.


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