Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Economy - Are We Doing The Right Thing?

By now you all have heard the story about the Big Three Auto Execs heading to Washington to plead their case - by luxury corporate jet. On the other hand, how many of you have heard the story of the Goldman Sachs executives opting not to recieve cash or stock in light of the recent economy?

As emergency service leaders and stewards of tax dollars, we need to be aware of our responsibility to the citizens when it comes to spending, especially in this time of anxiety. I know that personally, the economic situation has hit close to home, with my wife's business dependent on whether or not people choose to build or renovate their homes and not knowing what the outcome will be. I'm hoping the powers that be remember there are plenty of us out here who have been religiously paying our mortgages and paying our taxes and we really want to know how we are going to get relief in all of the "rescuing" going on at Wall Street.

As a fire officer, though, I am affected in the service I am providing the public. I want to make sure that especially now, my personnel all realize that while the citizens "don't have a choice" in who comes to put out their fire, they do have a choice in supporting your programs and funding your operations. Make sure you show your customers what a great deal they have in supporting your organization; get out there and talk to them, reassure them, and get them involved. By showing the citizens that you care, it will pay huge dividends in the long run, and that's an investment that will pay off no matter what the economy does.
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  2. Well said, I think you are right about making the "customer" appreciate us. That has to be done with every educational moment we have in everyday contact with the folks we serve.


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