Friday, November 14, 2008

On the Road to L.A.

I am "flying" to L.A. for Saturday through to Wednesday and then home. I will be meeting with Dan Jordan and John Hicks who wrote the book titled: The First Responders Book of Humor and will give you an update on how that went. If you have the chance to get the title at a book store near you....strap on your seat is filled with great wisdom on stress in the first 72 pages and then some excellent humor in the story telling in the balance of the book......

Also meeting with Brett Hill, firefighterveteran, who is working on a project to honour the 911 fallen at the ten year remembrance...the project is titled..."The Release of Souls" and is tentative for the Hollywood Bowl. We will be discussing that and more so will post on his update for the project as well.....Also asked to talk with L.A. Fire Cism team members to discuss how "they do it" as L.A. has the oldest Cism team in the fire service. (that is what they said today by phone so we shall see) The L.A. fire cism program is over 20 years old.

The wisdom they have gained in getting the program working to a fine tuned sense should be something we can all gain some insights on.
in the of tomorrow (saturday) up up and away
.....shannon pennington firefighterveteran
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