Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Greg McDougall Story 30 years on the line/ptsd

The story of 30 year career firefighterveteran Greg McDougall who now "lives out of his van" after serving on the front lines of his community.
Being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress is with it's stigma and in the jargon of the fire service, "not manly".

If you have a weak stomach for facing and sharing his reality then the story of what happend to a "brother" who cared and loved the job is compelling and worth the effort to get to know.


Greg was and is a professional who did his job unitil....the "job did him". His is a story no different than any other fire fighter who has served or is currently serving as a full time professional or as a volly. He is diagnosed "Post Trumatic Stress Complex. "

Here's a link to the story and video on CTV Calgary: Former firefighter fights mental health stigma

He is YOU and he is Me.

His message is plain simple and clear....get help....before you get into the "emotional smoke" of events that can take you "off the front lines" and put you on the downward path of loss, grief, and emotional pain....that is waiting like a weakend floor from the "fires of reality" when you do not deal with stress.

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