Thursday, November 20, 2008

Firefighter Bailouts - Captured on Video

I have had a recent influx of firefighter bailouts caught on video. Some are fairly current videos that have just surfaced, and others date back to the 1990's. Either way they bring light to a specific type of training that is often overlooked. Make it easy on your fellow firefighters. Place ladders on all four sides (if possible) of the structure in case a rapid bailout is necessary. It is much easier to slide a ladder over a window then it is to get one off the rig and place it. I trained in firefighter survival, and ladder bailouts were required training. Just make sure when you train in your departments you have the proper safety lines in place. Train and train often!
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  1. This is very distrubing to see in this day and age. THe whole point of the training as i just learned it was to not panic and hurt yourself -- AND OTHERS -- in those situations. Just hope no one was hurt?

  2. Anonymous .... point for being anonymous....if you did not know it...and you have not been there then how can you know that the "bailouts" were life saving...if not necessary in the happens that it does not look pretty and does not look text never is "on the fire ground" out of the station and "away from the safety of the kitchen table". firefighterveteran

  3. I agree that training in emergency egress is important. However, even more important is training to read the fire and not placing ourselves in a position where this skill needs to be used.

    Solid fire behavior knowledge and understanding of extreme fire behavior is likely to prevent more injuries and fatalities than focusing solely on emergency procedures.

    Visit and read the blog for more information on reading the fire.


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