Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Covering the financial crisis

In the newsroom, we've been seeing more and more stories come across the wire about departments facing major cut backs as cities start to feel the economy slump.

Jamie's prepared a set of in-depth exclusive articles on FR1 on the crisis's impact on the fire service. They range from expectations for the Obama presidency to tips for purchase apparatus during a credit crunch.

And I got to do one of my favorite things: make a special coverage page. This is the first (of many!) to feature a Kitchen Table block, which includes links to individual posts, authors and related keywords.

I think it's on a good way to take a trend in individual local news stories, look at the causes behind it, and provide a forum for commentary on it. We'll be adding another exclusive article to the page tomorrow, and I'm updating the TKT section regularly.
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  1. My home dept is an iaff served city with over one thousand firefighters....they have in the last couple of years...worked with the land developers and taken a built house and converted it into a one bay pump bay in the garage and crew quarters in the bedrooms. The station fit in the community is like every other home. The net is that the rig is staffed with 4 24/7/365...crew is capt. engineer senior ff and hydrant senior ff and hydrant are medic trained as well. The heavy back up comes from the closest district station. Mixed response with another pump crew and or tanker and or aerial along with a heavy rescue with air bottle support and salavage and overhaul equipment.... Scout and Shout...4 men or women 7 minutes anywhere in the first in...medic A.L.S. and Law Enforcement if needed. Works..

  2. .....the land developer pays for the house...the city staffs with equipment and firefighters until the area grows where the call volume requires a purpose built and hose is picked up at the fire by a pannel truck and sent to the nearest fully dedicated fire hall with a hose tower...


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