Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 9 as an introduction to the fire service

Jay's last post was really touching -- though certainly not in the same way for me as it is for a firefighter.

On June 18, 2007, I heard about the tragedy on the news like any other American, but by June 18, 2008, I was involved in a job where I couldn't help but consider what the loss meant to the fire service.

That week, Jamie interviewed several people close to the tragedy including the fiancee of one of the 9. (Read it here.) And Jay wrote a lovely column called 'Reflections on 9 Firefighters'. Columnist Tom LaBelle also wrote about loss and legacy -- we put it all together in the first special coverage page I worked on at FireRescue1. (See it here.)

As someone who was just learning about the fire service and just learning to work with firefighters, I found that anniversary an incredibly powerful introduction to a culture full of tradition and emotion.

A I read about the highway dedication, I'm glad to know the Charleston 9 will be remembered in a more profound way than I might ever understand.
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  1. The Charleston 9 has made a huge impact on the Fire Service. One of the newer items to come about is www.HonorTheirSacrifices.com. It was started by a Lt. in Plano Tx. After he saw what happened, a few of his fellow workers started discussing what could they do to make a difference in the Fire Service. In August of this year they launched their own website and are currently looking for state and regional coordinators from across the country to help collect information. They are a non-profit organization with there main focus on creating a database of all the LODD's in the last 25 years. There will be summaries of LODD’s and they will be stored on one database, not links to somewhere else. They are also going to create training materials focused in three areas: Administrators, Chief Officers, and Firefighters. The president was on ISFSI Podcast a couple of weeks ago and mentioned again last week. It going to be a great program and for people involved in Everyone Goes Home, it follows Initiative #7, data collection system. If you’re interested in helping visit their website contact page, http://www.honortheirsacrifices.com/volunteer.html.

    Brian W.


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